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Healthy living is more than what you feed your body it’s what you feed your soul.  How you feel about yourself determines how you treat you and others. What I have realized working with women how want to lose weight is that their fear of succeeding was holding them back more than what they were eating. I can hear the lies they tell themselves “It’s too hard”, “I can’t do it”, “Maybe I’m just meant to be unhappy”. I know these stories too well because they used to be mine.

When I was at my highest weight which was over 255 pounds I was in so much pain. I was eating anything and was too depressed to workout. I barely had enough energy to care for my child. My life and everything around me was falling apart. What was missing was my faith. That piece of you that knows no matter what you are facing that things will get better. I was so numb and it was easy to abuse food and to not care about my well-being. I want to share with you that creating a healthy temple on the inside will have you glowing on the outside.

When you eat processed food which are filled with chemicals and foods packed with sugar it affects your mood. It changes the composition of your blood and cells. Have you ever eaten a meal and felt like you needed a nap? I hate to tell you this but your food should not make you feel that way. After you eat a meal you should be energized and ready to either start you day or give you the fuel needed to continue your day. Food is not the enemy when you chose the right things to eat. I love sharing tips to get you started incorporating healthier options into your lifestyle.

  1. First things first. Set your wellness goals every month. Start with your top 3 goals. Every thirty days check off the things you accomplished. Don’t beat yourself up over the goals you didn’t achieve. Revise them and add them to your next month of goals. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the big picture. Create long term and short term goals. Slow and steady is always better.
  1. Skipping meals is a NO, NO. You want to start your day with Breakfast. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular especially for those that are on the go. I understand that making breakfast before work or school for most people can be time consuming. Some options for those that might not have the time are making smoothies and shakes. They are both packed with vitamins, minerals and most importantly fiber. You can even add greens to get a punch of vitamin K.
  1. Lastly plan your meals ahead of time and store them. This makes life so much easier. When you have a plan it’s hard to fail. Precook your meals, label and store them in the freezer or fridge. By planning your meals in advance you can control your portions and keep you on track to achieve those wellness goals.

Sending you peace and light

Kalyea Moss-CHHC

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